Easy to Make Monster Masks

Over the years I’ve played LARPs one common issue continues to dog Plot teams: how to quickly and effectively allow NPCs to switch between different roles while still providing Players with a clear sense of what monsters they face?

We’d all love to be able to do intricate makeup on each NPC but, while that’s fantastic for immersion in the game, it slows down everything if you need to constantly be breaking for makeup changes. It also isn’t an option when your LARP runs events in areas without a good source of light, mirrors, and running  water. After going through a number of prototypes I finally found a solution that is both cost effective, easy to produce, and durable enough to last more than one fight. Today I’m going to walk you though creating NPC Monster Masks for a variety of generic monsters. read more

Your LARP Playlist

Not everyone has to play the mandolin.

Certainly we can say there is no modern music played while in the middle of LARPing. How about when you are not playing? Personally I have two types of playlists. I have the one I listen too that reminds me of my game when I am not playing or when I am on my way to an event to “get up for the game”. Then there are the songs that I use as a member of plot to help me develop my different characters. I’ve even listened to these songs once in full makeup and costume before exiting monster camp just to get my head in the right gear for playing important roles. read more

The Courage To Try

I am well accustomed to the dread in my heart and the tightness in my chest that I feel every time I step foot outside of my front door. That doesn’t make it easy. Social interaction does not come effortlessly to me and it never really has. Everywhere I go in the back of my mind I am cursing myself for every word that comes out of my mouth. I over analyze every single moment I spend in another person’s presence and I never truly feel calm when I’m in a room with more than one person.

I know that I am not the only person in the world that feels this way and I know that there’s never going to be a cure that gets rid of these feelings. Social Anxiety is something I will always have inside  of me. It is still sometimes hard to accept and I still have days where it defeats me. read more

A Place Where We Belong

Most people think the type of people who attend LARP, or enjoy other role playing games, are social outcasts. “Nerds,” “Geeks,” “Thirty year old guys who live in their mom’s basement.” I’ve heard it all. The terms nerd and geek have never really bothered me and quite frankly maybe some of the thirty year old guys playing do live in their mother’s basement. So what?

I’ve played with all types of people at the LARP I attend. Two of them have three kids and just got engaged (they actually met at our LARP.)  One of them is a successful lawyer, another works in the fast food industry. Oddly enough, a lot of them seem to be engineers. People come from all walks of life to spend a weekend in the woods battling with foam swords. read more

5 Subtle Tips For New LARPERS

So, you are looking to LARP.

Maybe you found the nearest game already, created a character concept, started putting scraps of costuming together, poured over the ruleset for hours and muddled through weapon construction.

You are reading this because there has to be more you can do to prepare, and there is. Bouncing around the internet you can find a bunch of tips and tricks, tutorials and FAQ’s, so much so that it’s hard to give advice for new players without rehashing things. I don’t like to rehash, so I dug deep and constructed a list of more subtle tips for new LARPers. read more

Packet Archery Quivers

One of the most annoying things about archery in LARPS like Alliance is having to prep and carry a large amount of packets on you or when your quiver is empty and you need to either remove the packets from one quiver or switch quivers entirely.

Going through hundreds arrows per weekend as my Alliance character, I’ve dealt with this pain. I’ve found with a bit of prep work, and some “Pringles”. I can ease this burden on myself.

I have a rather nice quiver that was gifted to me by a friend. I love the way it looks. And it holds a large number of packets. But, realistic quivers are open, and running around at a LARP usually means you’re going to fall over. So I have a bunch of “quick refill” quivers. read more