Packet Archery Quivers

One of the most annoying things about archery in LARPS like Alliance is having to prep and carry a large amount of packets on you or when your quiver is empty and you need to either remove the packets from one quiver or switch quivers entirely.

Going through hundreds arrows per weekend as my Alliance character, I’ve dealt with this pain. I’ve found with a bit of prep work, and some “Pringles”. I can ease this burden on myself.

I have a rather nice quiver that was gifted to me by a friend. I love the way it looks. And it holds a large number of packets. But, realistic quivers are open, and running around at a LARP usually means you’re going to fall over. So I have a bunch of “quick refill” quivers.

Prior to an event, I’ll buy a few cans of Pringles (or another tube shaped snack). I’ll package the chips themselves up into a plastic bag for later. Then each Pringles can gets wrapped in duct tape, and sometimes in leather (depending on how nice you want these cans to look). Each can gets filled with 30-40 arrows packets. The cans seem to fit Alliance sized packets of 40 perfectly. I pick a number that I’m filling each can with, so that I’m not juggling different sizes over the course of the weekend. And attach a tag to it, so you’ve got everything you need to fire the arrows right there. It’s no sweat to carry at least 2 of these on me at any given time. But, I’ll often make between 6 and 10. Pop the plastic top back on them. You might want to cover it with something too, since the plastic pop tops are a bit anachronistic. I keep them in fairly obvious place in my cabin, so I’m always reminded to refill them, or swap them whenever I enter.┬áPringles cans are relatively inexpensive so if I lose one, or it gets busted it’s not the end of the world. Although one could use mail tubes in the same manner.

In fast paced combat situations, I can quickly pull them out of my bag (or have someone else grab them while I’m shooting arrows). Dump the contents into my larger quiver, and keep firing. This lets me stay in combat as an archer for longer.

One thought on “Packet Archery Quivers

  1. As a guy who spends a lot of time as an NPC let me tell you, archery can be devastating.

    I kinda hate you for telling people this… we’re gonna get lit up.


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