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When I’m making a character, even if its just an NPC, I tend to seek out songs to inspire the process. There are a bunch of different ways to go about character development, and I tend to differ in where I start, but sometimes I start with a D&D based Alignment.

When I do this is great to get into the right mood with some music, here are some of the best songs to do just that.

Lawful Good

Delerium – Silence

The stereotype about Lawful Good is that its a boring alignment to play. I feel that this is failure of imagination. People build Lawful Good characters lacking any kind of moral conundrum, they always know the answer and it’s always the least fun choice; I propose another path, namely conflict.

Create a character who believes hard, but recognizes the struggle. One who doesn’t look down their nose at those who can’t or won’t aspire to their moral heights. One who sees the burden they bear, but endure.

This song captures that, plus its got some divine overtones that make it the perfect fit.

Lawful Neutral

Metallica – And Justice for All

This is the obvious pick for those who value order above all else. Let the epic guitar wash over you as you imagine all the ass you are going to kick to thwart the evils of chaos and bring the true light of justice to the world, by any means necessary.

Neutral Good

Heilung – Krigsgaldr

This one is a bit harder to get a feel for. The bridge is the thing.

Chaotic Good

Muse – Uprising

A song about overthrowing a corrupt government?


True Neutral

Lord Huron – The Yawning Grave

True Neutral is one of the most difficult alignments to play.

I’ve had some luck with a character philosophically dedicated to balance, the other option seems to be a Nature based character, which I’ve never tried to play.

This song is perfect for a Nature Mage or Elven Wardancer with a vendetta.

Chaotic Neutral

Louis XVI – Louis Reprise

This is the most perfect song for a Chaotic Neutral character that could ever be. That being said, I can’t find it on YouTube. Louis XVI is a great band for Chaotic Neutral music and I highly recommend them.

This being somewhat cold comfort for a playlist, I submit a runner up:

Electric Six – Improper Dancing

This might not be the best song directly, but the feeling is there, Electric Six is an often overlooked band and I feel like posting this one instead of doing the work to find another one…

(I am so meta)


Lawful Evil

Clutch – The Profits of Doom

Clutch is another great band for LARP soundtracks, only instead of being Chaotic Neutral they tend toward Lawful Evil.

I’m pretty sure most of their songs are meant to be satire, but embrace the other side; let the greed flow through you:

Neutral Evil

The Black Angels – Evil Things

Dispassionate, gritty, evil:

Chaotic Evil

Tool – Pushit

Just like Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil has a reputation of being pretty boring to play. It’s played badly by being evil for evil’s sake, which starts to come off as petty pretty quickly.

The cure for being painted into this corner is a touch of madness.

It starts out slow, a knowledge of the precipice that one walks, and the abyss on the far side of it. Fatigued by the balancing act, the reasoned mind begins to bend and make reasons to step over, asks to be unbalanced…begs for it:


What’s your favorite Alignment to play?

What song gets you into the right mindset to play it?

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