My Alignment Playlist

When I’m making a character, even if its just an NPC, I tend to seek out songs to inspire the process. There are a bunch of different ways to go about character development, and I tend to differ in where I start, but sometimes I start with a D&D based Alignment.

When I do this is great to get into the right mood with some music, here are some of the best songs to do just that.

Lawful Good

Delerium – Silence

The stereotype about Lawful Good is that its a boring alignment to play. I feel that this is failure of imagination. People build Lawful Good characters lacking any kind of moral conundrum, they always know the answer and it’s always the least fun choice; I propose another path, namely conflict. read more

Back In My Day We Used PEE-VEE-CEE

LARP has grown and changed a lot in the last two decades; it’s been great to watch.

A lot of these changes have focused on the sophistication of the setting. With specialty shops, like Dark Knight Armory, setting up online instead of just in the back alleys of Renaissance Fairs and the rise of Etsy, intricate costumes have become available to everyone with a dream and a few bucks to spend. I’ve watched plot teams venture into theatrical lighting effects and cosplayers teach us all how to do exquisite makeup on YouTube. read more

5 Subtle Tips For New LARPERS

So, you are looking to LARP.

Maybe you found the nearest game already, created a character concept, started putting scraps of costuming together, poured over the ruleset for hours and muddled through weapon construction.

You are reading this because there has to be more you can do to prepare, and there is. Bouncing around the internet you can find a bunch of tips and tricks, tutorials and FAQ’s, so much so that it’s hard to give advice for new players without rehashing things. I don’t like to rehash, so I dug deep and constructed a list of more subtle tips for new LARPers. read more