My Alignment Playlist

When I’m making a character, even if its just an NPC, I tend to seek out songs to inspire the process. There are a bunch of different ways to go about character development, and I tend to differ in where I start, but sometimes I start with a D&D based Alignment.

When I do this is great to get into the right mood with some music, here are some of the best songs to do just that.

Lawful Good

Delerium – Silence

The stereotype about Lawful Good is that its a boring alignment to play. I feel that this is failure of imagination. People build Lawful Good characters lacking any kind of moral conundrum, they always know the answer and it’s always the least fun choice; I propose another path, namely conflict. read more

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Your LARP Playlist

Not everyone has to play the mandolin.

Certainly we can say there is no modern music played while in the middle of LARPing. How about when you are not playing? Personally I have two types of playlists. I have the one I listen too that reminds me of my game when I am not playing or when I am on my way to an event to “get up for the game”. Then there are the songs that I use as a member of plot to help me develop my different characters. I’ve even listened to these songs once in full makeup and costume before exiting monster camp just to get my head in the right gear for playing important roles. read more

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